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Waste and Water Use

ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers use about 30% less energy and half the amount of water used by regular washers.

Advanced Green Cleaning is dedicated to reducing water waste through the use of Energy Star qualified washers for our laundry services. The advantages of high efficiency (HE) washing machines include significantly reducing the use of water and energy to clean our microfiber cloths and other laundry.

High efficiency washing machines use between two and four clean rinses per cycle reducing levels of detergent residue left on clothing as well as improving cleaning efficiency by not having clothes sitting in dirty water.

Did you know that New Mexico has the lowest water-to-land ratio out of all 50 states? We take this very seriously.

A full-sized ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer uses 15 gallons of water per load, compared to the 23 gallons used by a standard machine. Over the machine’s lifetime, that’s a savings of 2,500 gallons of water!