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Vulnerable Populations

The designation “vulnerable population” denotes the group of building occupants and/or visitors whose immune systems may have been compromised; those who are more susceptible to the adverse effects of the use of fragrances, harsh chemicals, cleaning products, and VOCs; generally, those with allergies and physical handicaps.

Examples of such groups include people with chemical or fragrance allergies, pregnant women, children, elderly, people undergoing treatment, or those guided by a seeing-eye dog, etc.

Such identification allows us to ensure that the cleaning products used do not exacerbate their sensitivities. Awareness of a person’s particular sensitivities allows us to adjust our cleaning schedule so as to minimize his / her exposure to cleaning products, dust, fragrances, etc.

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In situations where cleaning operations have the potential to adversely affect any identified members of a vulnerable population, Advanced Green Cleaning shall:

  • Schedule daily cleaning activities to avoid exposure of vulnerable populations to the cleaning process.
  • Adopt alternative cleaning practices that minimize or make unnecessary the use of cleaning chemicals.
  • Use cleaning chemicals in areas only where sufficient ventilation is present to allow chemicals to dissipate before the area becomes repopulated. Provide additional ventilation through the use of blowers to enhance the rate of chemical dissipation.
  • Conduct cleaning operations in a manner that prevents the transfer of impacts to other areas of the building that may contain vulnerable populations.

Advanced Green Cleaning uses Green Bucket® Certified Green Cleaning Products. These products are available for sale, as well as a sample set of products for customers to purchase to allow them to check for sensitivity issues.