Why Hire Us?

Advanced Green Cleaning is set apart from other cleaning companies because our main mission from day one was to provide a professional cleaning using products that are safe for people, pets and the planet. Other companies have had to change there mission statement to adapt to the trend while ours “the greener clean” we have had since our inception.

Quality Control

There is nothing more important than meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. Advanced Green Cleaning has one of the best Quality Control Assurance Programs in our industry.

Training and Certification

All Advanced Green Cleaning personnel are trained in the proper handling of chemicals, proper use and maintenance of capital equipment, and proper cleaning procedures.

Locally Owned and Operated

One key factor of being locally owned is that we really try to make the customers experience as personal as possible.  We want to treat every customer like our only customer.

Sustainable Practices

All of our Advanced Green Cleaning residential cleaning service providers are committed to sustainable business practices, not only while on the job, but in their every day life as well.

Vulnerable Populations

Awareness of a person’s particular sensitivities allows us to adjust our cleaning schedule so we are able to minimize his / her exposure to any cleaning products, dust, fragrances, etc.

Waste and Water Use

Here at Advanced Green Cleaning, we are dedicated to reducing our water waste through the use of Energy Star qualified washers for any and all of the laundry services we offer.