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Microfiber Tools, Cloths, and Mops

It’s hard to believe that a simple cloth can clean better than conventional cleaning products—and without the chemicals—for all kinds of tasks.

cleaning tools, clothes and mops in different colors that are blue, green and yellow, at the bottom left of the picture is the advanced green cleaning Albuquerque logoMicrofiber tools may be the first step of the green revolution in the cleaning industry. Today, no cleaning company can properly claim to be a Green operation without including microfiber tools in the cleaning routine.

Unfortunate, microfibers are:

  1. Misused by most services
  2. Misunderstood
  3. Neglected.

Yet, they may well represent the cleaning innovation of the decade. It all starts with a kind of return to the fundamentals.

What are they? How are they used?

We use microfiber cloths because microfiber is environmentally friendly and can reduce your chemical intake by up to 90% while at the same time removing 99.9% of bacteria. There is a way to fold it, use it, maintain it, and launder it.

This is particularly true during the flu season when we are all concerned for sanitation and cleaning. Microfibers can literally prevent the spread of diseases like MRSA and pink eye. Of course, that is only true if you understand how microfiber tools are suppose to be used.

Real Numbers to Back It Up

Reduce Sick Days

Top 5 causes of missed school*

  1. Common cold
  2. Stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis)
  3. Ear infection (otitis media)
  4. Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
  5. Sore throat

*Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research

Microfiber is a composite material consisting of synthetic fibers that are known both for their incredibly small size as well as their absorbency. In fact, every square inch of microfiber contains 200,000 individual synthetic strands.

Microfiber cleaning systems makes the mundane process of cleaning more efficient, safer and easier for your employees with our revolutionary products. Cleaning tasks will be completed in a fraction of the time with less effort, saving on labor and resources.

Using microfiber can reduce our environmental impact in a number of ways. We save space in our cupboards and our landfills by purchasing fewer bottles of cleaning products and harsh chemicals. As well, we are not creating chemical overflows in our septic systems, which can ravage an ecosystem. Using microfibre cloths also allows us to use fewer paper towels, which are incredibly wasteful, kill thousands of trees, and ultimately end up in landfills.

Advanced Green Cleaning does not allow the use of any of the following tools at any Truly–Green provider location:

  • Feather dusters
  • Indoor brooms
  • Non–microfiber cloths
  • Paper for cleaning activities