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Green Cleaning

two cleaning products with different labels on top of a yellow cleaning cloth

Cleaning Procedures

We utilize proper training, procedures and agreements for cleaning and a more productive indoor environment with fewer burdens to our natural resources.

two cleaning products with different labels on top of a green cleaning cloth, these are all in a marble table

Cleaning Products

Advanced Green Cleaning is committed to complete transparency in our standards, procedures and the products and equipment that our staff uses.

a blue microfiber mops and a cleaning cloth with brush and a silver squeegee

Microfiber Tools, Cloths and Mops

We use microfiber cloths because microfiber is environmentally friendly and can reduce your chemical intake by up to 90%. It also helps remove 99.9% of bacteria.

a white and black power cleaning vacuum cleaner and a black table with wheels

Powered Cleaning Equipment

At Advanced Green Cleaning every piece of powered cleaning equipment we look at must meet certain environmental specifications in order for us to use them.