Advanced Green Clean Is Open With New Guidlines To Keep Our Clinets And Staff Safe And Healthy LEARN MORE

To Our Valued Clients: 

Advanced Green Cleaning will be starting back to work soon😊

We will be adding a hospital grade peroxide based disinfectant cleaning to our regular cleaning protocols.

We have not changed any of our cleaning products or green values, as we have always used peroxide as our sanitation product we are just adding another layer of sanitation cleaning protocols as recommended by the CDC as a needed layer in our cleaning to combat the spread of COVID-19

Please talk with your crew leader or call the office for a full description. This cleaning protocol does include using our peroxide-based cleaner on all high touch items and surfaces. If there are any areas in your home or office that you do not want the crew using peroxide on please let your crew leader or call the office to let us know.

Our cleaning protocols require that no one is present during the cleaning and the entire crew wears masks during the cleaning.

If you would like to get a cleaning before or need to adjust your schedule please call the office and we can look at the schedule

We understand that this is a very unsettling time and protocols are changing all the time, but I want you to know that we are keeping up with all information related to cleaning and sanitation and here are a few things we are doing to make sure we are providing the safest and best cleaning we can:

  • We use a CDC approved peroxide based cleaner on all high touch items and surfaces and follow the allotted 3-5 minutes dry time as a sanitation before conducting our normal top to bottom cleaning of your home or office.
  • All crew members wear a clean mask in each customers home.
  • All crew is washing their hands for 20 seconds or longer and also using hand sanitizer in between washing.
  • All equipment is sanitized after each cleaning.
  • All crew are sanitizing there vehicles and practicing social distancing and following the social distancing guidelines.
  • All crew is instructed to stay at home if they are feeling ill or any family members are feeling ill. The company will make sure all sick days are compensated as to not create a financial burden for the employee.
  • We will continue to conduct crew meetings to keep up with all new and existing training protocols.
  • All crew is instructed to maintain social distancing with customers, crew members and others and we are limiting travel to 2 employees per vehicle and they will remain masked while traveling together
  • We are continually reminding all staff not to touch their faces.

We do ask that in return that if anyone in the home is not feeling well that you let us know as soon as possible so we can get you rescheduled and make sure the crew does not miss out on any hours. We are all in a financially trying time and we appreciate you being mindful of canceling but if you are not feeling well canceling is safest for everyone.

We also are asking that the cleaning crew can clean the home or business with no one present as to limit contact and avoid or eliminate the spread of COVID. We understand that some people are not leaving their homes but we really feel that it is safest for all to eliminate close contact.

Thank you we look forward to serving you again.

Advanced Green Cleaning