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Green Cleaning by the Numbers

5 billion: The number of pounds of chemicals that the institutional cleaning industry uses each year. 17,000:The number of petrochemicals available for home use, only 30 percent of which have been tested for exposure to human health and the environment....

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Green Cleaning Top Tips

Use green cleaning products - As the health and environmental impacts of conventional cleaning products become more thoroughly understood, more and more brands of healthy, green, and effective cleaning products have started hitting the market and competing...

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Every Day Is Earth Day at Advanced Green Cleaning

Yes, the world may be celebrating the earth and Earth Day April 22nd, but we here at Advanced Green Cleaning feel that we celebrate the earth and keep it clean every day—and in a way that’s entirely in keeping with the goals of Earth Day. The largest of...

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Three Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

Have you ever heard of the triple bottom line? It’s a business theory used to evaluate the performance of modern businesses. The idea is pretty simple. While the “bottom line” only refers to financial gains, the “triple bottom line” also includes social...

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